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9.29.09 Pomona show!!

So few days late getting to this but i have been exhausted from having barely any sleep from making the bithrday banner and going to the show and getting sick and just caught up on sleep.lol

So Monday night i went to sleep at 3:30 am cuz  my sewing machine broke so i had to HAND SEW THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!and that thing is hugeeeeee and im not the best hand sewer so it took me a while. I kept saying to myself "just finish 2 sides jade...2 sides. the rest you can work on tomorrow in line" so by the time i finished 2 sides it was around 3:30 and i had to get up in 2 hours at 5:30 to be ready to leave at 6 and get down to pomona around 7.

With barely any sleep i braved the day and grabbed all of josh's things. I ended up getting there a little after 7 and about 20-25 people back in line to my suprise. So after talking for a little bit with people i started working on my banner again. Took a few breaks in bewtween for paramore checks, but i finished around 12 when i started about 8.

Around 10 or so we see this tour bus pulling up so everyone abandons there stuff,except things they want to get signed, and run over there. We watch for about 20 minutes as they pull the bus in and a a few people go in and out. We weren't even 100% positive if it was paramore's bus so i asked one of the people and he said yeah. We also didnt really think paramore was in the bus, but we still hung around on the off chance they were or were gonna come soon. And a few minutes later what do you know a van pulls up with paramore in it! they get out and say hi and stuff as they make there way to the bus you can tell there very tired from having to wake up early for the kroq event. Poor jeremy gets sort of stranded out and hes sooo tired. I asked him when they had to get up like 6 or so and he was like "5 ugggg". He was really sweet though and signed everybodys things and took pictures with everyone before he went on the bus were im sure he collasped ha.

After that we hung around for a bit longer then i went back to my chair to finish working on the banner. About 20 minutes later somebody comes back to tell the people who came back to there chairs hayley is over there now. So we rush over there and talk to hayley for a bit with about 15 other people there or so.

When she saw me she was like "heyyyyyyy!!!" and then she said "oo i like you hair!" which was awesome getting a hair compliment from her. I told her how i loved her blonde hair now and she said thanks. Then i told her how amazing they were on conan and it was a shame those people kicked us out before we barely got hi's in. She said she was sorry about that and thanks. Then the swellers came up and i was like "dude i ended up sitting next to jonathan from the swellers!!we talked the whole time it was awesome!" and get this she said:

"oh yeah i saw your livejournal post about that! thats so awesome!" i couldnt believe shed read my post! just goes to show hayley is alwayssss lurking around pmore music guys! so watch yo mouths!

Then i got a picture with her and had her sign my 7" vinyl from the deluxe pack and she hadnt seen it before that. We talked for a little bit more in between people taking pictures and stuff and somewhere in there she was like "your always here,its amazing!' lol.

Then i noticed taylor had come out so went over to talk to him. As soon as i walk up he goes:

"parajess right?"
me: "haha nooo jade"
taylor: "parajessjade????"
me: "haha nooo jadeamore"
taylor: "AHHH THATS RIGHT JADEAMORE!!!! im sorry!"
me: "no its ok. im suprised you almost got it right lol.
taylor: "well your always here, its awesome!"

That like made my day that taylor almost had my name right! reason he said parajess is because both me and parajess have talked to taylor on the chat a lot so got us confused. i've met them a bunch so that's why he could put the name to the face but he only really knows my name from talking online.

After that i asked for a picture with Taylor and got him to also sign my vinyl. Then he went back in the bus after hanging out with everybody. I then asked hayley if josh was going to come out because we had stuff to give him for his birthday. She said she didnt know because his girlfriend was here and she wasnt gonna be on the whole tour or something. So then she left and i went back to working on my banner. A little later we see Josh on a moped with jenna on the back. I'd seen her hanging by the bus earlier and coming in and out but i wasnt sure if it was her because she dyed her hair. They kept driving around for a while and kept passing by haha. So around 12 i finished sewing the banner! Then one of my other friends showed up and we hung out with some of my friends from the fanclub.

Me and brittany needed to get our gifts to Josh so i was determined to find him. I went waiting by the bus with a few other people but the asshole security guard made us go back like pretty far from where the bus was and wouldnt even let us stnad in the shade when it was so hot!! asshole!! anyways for the like hour or so i waited over there we only saw Zac come out of the venue and i would have asked him for a picture and if he could get Josh but he was on his phone and i didn't want to bother him and he walked on the bus. I thought i could ask when he came off the bus but like 10-15 mins later he was still on his phone and walked back in the venue. Kinda sucked he was the only one that like didnt hang out but it was alright cuz id met him a bunch.

So it was getting hot and i went back to my seat. While i was gone my huge card for josh had fallen in coffee so i had to take it out of the envelope but the card was fine. A little while later someone comes buy and tells us hayleys back over there. So we go over there and this time i get her to sign this poster a streeteamer was giving out and the cover for the vinyl. Shed never seen the cover to the vinyl and thought it was really awesome. She was telling me how theyd gotten one but didnt really get to look at it because they had to sign it and give it back so they were all excited seeing everything from the deluxe and stuff. I then asked her if josh was going to come and she said she didnt know.

Like 10 minutes later i see josh behind hayley and a few people by him. We go over to him and im like "josh i have something to give you. if i come back in 2 minutes with it will you still be here??" he was like "uhhh i should be" so then brit tells me to grab her thing for him too and i run back,grab my stuff and brit's, then sprint back in record time and out of breath.

We wait a few people until they get pics and autographs to give him our stuff. I told brit she should go first and i could record if she wanted but she just said to take pictures. So she gives it to him and says he doesnt have to look through it right now if he doesnt want to, but of course he does lol. she tells him its from the fan club and he starts looking through the disney autograph book at the about 30-40 pictures of people with a sign for his bday. As he's flipping through very intently starring at the book he flips to the page im on with my picture where im holding up a sign i made for him and looks up and with this gorgeous smile on his face goes:

"thats you!"
me: "haha yeah"

Then goes back to the book lol. So after that im gonna give him my stuff and ask my friend to record it. So i go up to him give him the card and he had this huge smile on and going "no way!" at the size of it. anyways since i got it recorded dont need to explain it. video will be at the end of this.

Then josh i asked josh to get a picture with him but didnt like it so asked for another one which i really liked. I got him to sign my vinyl and the vinyl cover and he was also like "ahh this is so cool!"

So while he was finishing signing fans items and taking pictures jenna was hanging right by her birthday boy with a helmet in hand wanting to go riding again. So after finishing up josh tells us he'll be back in a little while and him and jenna walk down the street to go riding again.

So we go back to where we were sitting and me and my friend caroline planned on going back in a little bit to welcome back josh. She texts me saying to come back so we go wait at the far end of the venue where theres this like alcove or something. We were the only ones there so just talked for a while.About 20 mintues later i see someone on the way other side of the street and i see its josh with jenna waiting for the light to turn to walk back. Caroline doesnt see them at first,lol, till i point them out then she does and we stand up and get ready with our stuff.

He comes back and says hi again and stuff and introduces us to jenna and im like hi jenna (even though i already knew who she was lol) We have him sign our stuff which this time i got him to sign the poster i had. We talked to him for a bit with no one else around and it was GREAT!

i also was mentioning the setlist to him. i was like
" so you guys arent playing that many songs from the new album right? i was pretty sad about that i wanted to hear all the new songs!"
josh: "oh yeah well we wanted to play all the new songs but hayley was like (does this really funny hayley impression) 'no the fans want to hear older songs!!' and i told her 'no they want to hear the newer songs!' but we'll play them next time we come around"
me: "so you guys are playing like 5 or 6 songs from each record hayley said right?"
josh"yeah were playing conspiracy and emergency"
me: "no franklin? after everyone was wanting franklin??haha"
josh: "haha no maybe next time though"

Then a few people came by and got pics and sigs with him. Then i asked if caroline wanted to get a pic with him together and she said sure. So we asked josh if we could get another picture together and he said of course so we did. He then said he had to go to sound check, so i asked them if we'd see them after the show. He said he didnt know but probably not cuz they were gonna go celebrate his birthday somewhere. and i was like "yeah go celebrate your birthday have fun! see you on thursday i guess then!" and we go walk with him and talk and go by the doors as hes still talking with a few fans and i see taylor by the door and im like

me: "hey taylor!what ya doin?"
taylor: *gestures to josh* "oh looking for him."
me: "oh right you guys got soundcheck"

then im like:

me: 'taylor if you can remember my name on thursday you'll get a million cool points!"
Taylor: *starts off in a like pshhh no problem voice* "oh jade.jade.jade.jade.jade.jade.jade.jade.jade jade jade jade jade jade...." and he repeats my name like 20 time starting off in a pshh no problem voice then on to a joking voice then a i got this serious voice. ahhhh i love him.

While that was happening Josh and jenna had gone back in while taylor was talking to us and taking pictures with some people. I then asked him to sign the vinyl cover with the gnome on it and he was like
"thats my gnome! isnt it great?"
me: "yeah it is! its so famous now being on everything!hhaha"
taylor: "i love it it looks awesome!"

So then jenna had come back out to get taylor and we say bye and im like "remember thursday!" and hes like "JADE!!"

(wow i just realized how long this is.....holy crap i always write a lot..well i like to write in a lot of detail haha)

So then we go back to our chairs and a little while later we here them soundchecking. We were trying to figure out what songs but we couldnt really tell. And right where our chairs were there was this gate and this area in between the venue and the building next to it that people kept walking through bringing stuff into the venue. So we thought we might be able to hear better over there so walked over there and hoped no one would tell us to leave..no one did. when we got over there we see this door that goes into the venue is partially open!! We try looking through and see if we see a security guard or anything but we couldnt tell. I told caroline after ignorance (song they were soundchecking then) we'd try to go in. So when it was done im like lets go and she makes me go first....the door was heavy so we had to lift up the kickstand to get in. once were in we can hear sooooo well!! right then they were like talking and in the break between a song. but we peaked around and could sorta see them cuz we were at the wayy back of the venue. then we move closer and are peering around.

THEN we hear them start to play i caught myself and FREAK OUT! We wanted to get closer so i told her to go on our stomachs so we do and then scoot up and then were we were we could kinda see....except the bars were blocking our way. I recorded all the new songs and songs i liked so when those are done i shall post em.

After like 6 songs or so we were getting tired of not really being able to see and being on our stomachs so i told her lets just stand up and if we get caught oh well wed just say jonathan from the swellers let us in since we were friends with him. so we walk over to the other side cuz i saw people coming in from that side so thought itd be more believable from there.

We were standing up in the back from the same area but where we could see. I was recording and a few mins after being there this dude comes up and says we arent supposed to be recording or taking pictures and we say were sorry that we didnt know and jonathan from the swellers let us in. he says we have to go but then i ask if we dont record if we can move closer and he says alright.So we move closer and a few more mins later andre weiss(paramore's tour manager) comes up to us and tells us we have to leave and we tell him jonathan from the swellers let us in but he still said we had to go cuz we werent supposed to be in there.

So we walks us out making sure we leave. When we go back to our spots were our friends are we see jonathan hanging out there!! lol he says hi to us and stuff and then i told him we used him as a decoy and was sorry. He faked he was mad and it was shameful for a minute then said it was cool and was like if they asked hed just say no. then he was like we should come up with some eleboarte story like this dude stole his id and claimed he was him or we ran in there cuz this guy was killing people  or something to get them reallyyy confused. he said we just should have told them that they left the door open and it was there fault lol. no more then 5 minutes later he gets a call about it and is like "no i didnt let anyone in" then hes like in a joking attitude "great were off the whole tour now and im gonna get beat up after the show. thery wont even let us play but we have to stay for the whole show as punishment" lol but it was cool.

So now fastforward to when doors open. I give my bag to this girl who met up with us cuz im a fast ruenner and shove. so i run in and get by josh 2nd row. there were already  quite a few people in from the meet and greets and this stupid thing the venue did where they let you into the bars if you were 21 or older and could go in from there when the doors open and not have to go through security or anything.

And  the girls in front of us on berricade were fucking bitches!! they got there at 5:30 and got on berricade cuz of that stupid 21 thing!! it was not fair at all we deserved to be on berricade! plus they were just being straight up bitches by not even letting us get a hand on the berricade!! But other then that the show was amazing and i made eye contact with josh a bunch and hayley a few times!!

Felt soo bad for hayley when she couldnt come out and finish but singing to misery business was an experience ill never forget! i thought on decode when she wasnt singing most of the last bit it was cuz she wanted us to sing not that she couldnt sing, but apprently so. So they played miz biz then the miracle outro which i was pretty sure was it but wasnt sure cuz it was a lot longer.

After the show i braved the veryyy long merch line whihc 1 person was working then they finally got more people. got the tour shirt and the tote and would have gotten the dont be ignorance bracelet if it was there but it wasnt =[

All in all it was an amazing day!! probably my favorite day ever with seeing paramore again, getting into soundcheck, and the show! Like it even more then my aiport experinece i think!! haha

Anyways ill put the vids and pics from tuesdays show all here.

Few pics of the birthday banner:


Close up of front:



close up of the butterfly:

And my pictures with paramore!!!

Me and Jeremy:

Me and Hayley:

Me looking stupid with the wonderful taylor york:

First picture with josh i didnt really like:

Second picture with josh i really liked:


And third picture with josh and caroline:

and if you want to look through the other pictures of hanging with them and at the show go here, but first a preview of a show pic!

Link to album: http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll45/thatswatyouget/paramore/

And some videos from the show:

Josh getting his birthday banner!

in soundcheck i caught myself

part 2 of i caught myself soundcheck

intro and ignorance from the show

turn it off

and conspiracy

and for the other videos from the show and to look when the other ones finish uploading go here


again sorry its so long but i think its worth the read and enjoyable!


 credit goes to hazysea for this hayley userpic

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so today was the best day of my life so far. wonder why??? well i think you can guess why.haahaha


so on friday hayley posted a picture saying something along the lines of going to get lunch. one more day in nashville. it was posted around noon. so i being the crazy fan i am looked wayyyy into the caption of  those lines trying to figure out if that mean that today was there last day in nahville and theyd be flying out the next day or that tomarrow was there laast day and would be flying out the day after that. i asked a few peoples opinion and thought they would be flying out tomarrow. so i looked on the computer for flights coming from nashville to l.a. on different u.s. airlines and all of them were connecting flights. then i looked on an airline and found there was only ONE direct flight coming in from there at around 6:30 there time and landing here around 8:30.

so i convinced my mom to drive me there saturday night with my awkif vinyl and camera and wearing my pfc shirt in hand. i ask the people who work there and they tell me that is the ONLY way to come out of the terminals so i wait there where the other people wait to see family and such. after about an hour or so after their flight got in i was starting to get worried. i started talking to the nice lady who worked there and THEN found out that a lot of times celeberties are met at the gate and escorted out from the third level which goes straight to the parking lot. i ask my mom to go up there for a bit. after being at the airport for 3 hours i leave thinking i missed them and pretty sad cuz thought theyd have baggage and are down to earth and stuff so would want to just come out the regular way.

sooooo i go home and sleep.

next day(today well i guess yesterday now ahahaha) i get on and talk to my like best friend from the fan club over aim to see whats up and tell her about the night before.

she tells me she was super excited cuz last night taylor came on the chat around 1 his time. so i say oh he was in l.a.??? and she says no he was in nashville and was packing and that it was his last night there. so i get kinda of mad at the lady ( oh i forgot i also called the day before to check if paramore were on that flight and said i was jerms cousin and checked his name and she said yes PLUS he was traveling with 4 other people) but i was mainly happy knowing that they hadnt snuck out and i hadnt missed them!!!

so today i checked and the flight was running 2 hours late. so i ask my mom to take me again knowing FOR SURE paramore is on the plane with confirmation from the band (ie taylor) and the lady on the phone (called back again today and said the cousin thing and she said there were 3 other jeremy davis on the plane so asked for another name in teh party and i said taylor york and she said yes hes on with 4 other people in his party. so i thought that maybe the lady had the flight days mixed up) my mom didnt want to take me so i begged her and she finally gave in.

we get there about 10-20 minutes before there plane arrived (it arrived at 10:30 like the lady told me it would) and my mom drops we off to go in while she parks. this time my mom goes up there so paramore dont pass us.

im getting anxious and after about 20 or so minutes after the flight arrived i see someone going throught the revolving doors that looks like taylor....and what do you know IT IS!!  so he sees me cuz im like the only person around and i had the vinyl in my hand, and  i say hi and start walking over to him and hes smiling and says hey too. i tell him about how i came last  night with no luck and waited 3 hours and came back today and he said something along the lines of awwww thats so sweet im glad you came back!!!

i ahnd him my vinyl to sign  and hes like oh cool and signs it. then josh,zac,jeremy, and hayley come out. (about in that order and around the same time cept hay was a few secs behind the others) and they all see me with taylor and see my vinyl and i ask them to sign it which of course they do.

hayley: " oh cool its green!!"
me:" hahaha ya"
josh i think it was or maybe hayley or jeremy i cant remember hahah: " oh i like your shirt ive never seen it before!"
me: " oh really? this is the fan club shirt!! hahaha"
me:" so how was the flight long?"
hayley: "no it actually wasnt that bad"
me: "heard you guys got delayed for a while though that must have sucked"
jeremy; "ha ya we were delayed for a while"
umm i think it was josh: "hey if you want a photo come over to the baggage claim"
me: "ha ya of course thanks!"
oh also somewhere in there one of them again i think it was josh or jeremy asked how i knew they were there and i said something along the lines of "oh i saw the photo that said your last day in nashville and looked at flights and this was the only one coming direct from nashville so came hoping youd be here!"

so as were walking over im talking to hayley and was telling her about how id come last night and stuff

hayley: "it was so sweet of you to come and awesome!"
me: "thanks i came last night and waited 3 hours with no hope and was sad and came back again tonight."
hayley: " well im happy you did"
me: "me too"
hayley: "ive talked yo you on the fan club right?"
me: "yes. i was the one who was like OH MY GOD you guys arwe recording in l.a. wooooo!!!! and was like ooo im pshycic.hahaha"
hayley: "oh right!! ahahah i remember you ive talked to you a few times in the chat!"
me: "haha ya!!"
me: " so happy to be recording in l.a.?
hayley: " yep!"
at this point we were standing at the carousel thingy
me:"so chad lives out here to right? gonna get to see him more too huh."
hayley:" hahaha actually hes right here" *hayley points to dude in front of us getting luggage off the thing*
me: "oh hahaha i didnt even notice chad!! ahahaha. hey."
chad puts donw hayleys bags and hes like here ya go and hayley says aww thanks babe. sweet <333
hayley: "but ya there gonna be going on tour so not really."
me:" oh ya there playing at the avalon in a few days. your gonna be there im sure"
hayley: " i dont know im gonna try. you knwo with recording and all its gonna be hard to go."
me: "oh right"
then some dude next to us is like excuse me your hayley willaims from paramore right? and asks for a pic so i take a pciture but it was really recording then take a pic.
then i went to my bag to get one of the bags of sour patches i got for them haha.
me: " oh i also got 2 bags of sour patches for you guys hahaha."
hayley: "oh man thanks we love these!"
then some other dude asks for a pic and i say im gonna go give the other tbag to the guys cuz there down at the other side of the carousel a few feet down.

so i go over to them and am like

me: "hey i just gave hayley the other bag but i brought some candy for you guys cuz i was at walmart yesterday and was like why not"
josh: "oh thanks we loveee these!!! so nice after a plane ride"
me: "ha no problem"
josh or taylor: "hey whats your name"
me: "jade"
somebody from the band: "oh cool"
josh: "ive talked to you before from the fanclub right? when like no one was really on?" (its cuz my name was jadeamore so ya hahaha)
so of course i was  litten up that he remembered me!!
me: " ya that was me!! there was like no one else on. but that weird creepy chick was on that kept asking for backstage passes ahahah"
josh: " ahahaha oh ya she was weird i was like..."
me: "ya i know you were like trying to ignore her ahahaha"
josh: "ya but it was like pfc so i didnt want to be rude hahaha"
so i was standing next to taylor right now cuz they were all in one area.
taylor: "so who were you from the chatroom??"
me: "oh jadeamore...im the one with the same birthday as you."
taylor: "oh right of course!"
me: " ya and i gave you that birthday banner too!"
taylor: "haaha ya!!"
me:" but you werent there to give it to you.* rolls eyes* hahahaha*
oh and brandon (who i knew who he was was also there with them)
 josh: " oh this is brandon, you know brandon of course hes out here to record websiodes and stuff for us" me: "oh hahaha ya i know brandon. hey brandon. ho cool" 
it was so cool it was like i was there friend and they were introducing me to him hahaha.
so at this point hay had gotten her luggage and come over to the guys.
i talked to jerm for a few secs but forgot what i said think it was something about the flight or weather hahaha.
me:" hey im gonna take a vid for the fan club is that al right?"
josh:"ya sure we love the fanclub! WAIT i want to start with my back turned!!!"
he turned around and i started laughing lol.
josh: " guys turn around!"
so then i took the video so am not gonna type that up since you have it on video.hahahaha

after the video i was talking to hayley about the weather here.

me: " so happy to be getting out of the cold and rainy in nashville?"
hayley: " actually its been pretty nice there recently. its colddd here though."
me: " ya i know it ws beautiful this week but got cold over the weekend. im sure it will get nicer again soon"

so i cant remember what else i said to them then. think i talked about the sour patches and something else.hahahah

zac: "thanks for the sour patches these will like be done by tonight hahaha"
me: " no problem i was at walmart and was like hey why not? hahaha"

so then i got my picture with them which came out awesome!!!
so at this point they had all like gotten their baggage and stuff so i started saying bye.

me: " well it was so great to finally meet you guys!! thanks for being so nice!!!"
taylor: "no problem!"
me: " can i have a hug??"
taylor: "of course!"
as i was hugging them i was saying....
me: "good luck on the recording! i know you guys will do great!" i said that to like all of them.
hayley: "thanks so much!"
so then i say bye and got to hug ALL OF THEM!! which was awesome.hahaha
they started heading out then.
me:" can i get a high five zac?"
zac: " dude of course!"
so then i started talking to zac as they were walking out.
me: " so you gonna eat the sour patches all tonight?"
zac: " ha ya probably we loveeee sour patches! and also go to in-n-out like everyday!hahaha"
me: "oh ya in-n-out is sooooo good!!hahaha"
then we were talking about something else as we exited out the airport.i thought i wasnt going any further but decided i would so started recording again. and i recorded till when they left so you can watch that!!hahaha

SOOOOO thats the end to the most wonderful, fabulous, amazing, awesome, BESTTTT DAY OF MY LIFEEEE!!!!!!

oh and also my mom talked to hayley for a minute and also told her about how we came alst night and how she was so happy they were here tonight.hahaa she told me hayley said this later.

hayley: " it was so nice to have someone there to be there and greet us here."

i thought that was really sweet of her to say. cuz there faces all lit up when they saw me and saw a fan had waited and come for them.hahaha so happy they werent like annoyed by me waiting there and stuff =D

oh and one of the coolest parts.....

so of course when i get home i go staright to uploading the picture and videos. and im on the pfc chat talking to my friends there and telling them about meeting paramore and stuff and they really wanted to see teh videos. so when they uploaded to youtube i showed them them and they thought they were awesome!!! sooooo around 1 or so TAYLOR comes in the chat....VERY FIRST THING HE SAYS

taylor:" freaking jade rools!"

i was sooo happy!!! he came on just to say HI TO ME!!! OMGGGG hahaha cuz he was only one for about 5-10 minutes and at the end said.......

taylor:" for sure, well guys i just wanted to say hello and tell jade that she rules"

so he came on just to say hi to me!! and remembered my name too!!!! wooop!!! hahahaha

so here are the videos if you want to watch.